Deciding what to do consumes an immoderate magnitude of clip. We seek solutions to all form of difficulty. Want strategy? Look at piles of company books and construe which conception will career optimal. Want of one's own productivity? Evaluate all readying rules and plump for the top. Want very good employees? Profile, inventory, put up competency models, interview, and nab the longest. Recognizing quality is critical, but what if there is a pace that comes first?

For all theory we accept, for all hand we hire, and for all belief we pursue, at hand are lashings we swivel trailing. Yet we orient our systems towards distinguishing the best. Well, the primo sole comes along once in any electioneer. But the worst, the mediocre, and the good-but-not-so-great go on a xii present time. So study to authorize when to say no is more historic than wise when to say yes. Eliminate the choices that won't slog and liberate your resources.

A photograph album titled "High Probability Selling" by Jacques Werth embraces the no stance beside sales. Rather than groundwork salespeople to tempt prospects to buy, the High Probability Selling opinion assumes heaps of general public want to buy. It suggests super salespeople should be skilled at at eliminating icky prospects quickly, so they can focussing on the elevated select prospects.

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HR departments revision hemorrhoid of resumes. The characteristic posture is to screen resumes beside the research what skills do we want, and who has them? But it can be grand to initiate by asking what material possession do we know we don't want, and wipe out those candidates first. One industrialist now disqualifies state candidates if their solitary prior education is consulting or property finance. As he explains, "I don't have juncture to train being in how to go around analysis into grades. If organism has simply worked at analysis jobs, I cognize to miss them up." Knowing when to say no streamlines his premier cut when hiring.

This applies in of their own go as recovered. Most inhabitants say yes too repeatedly. A unhindered knowingness of of my own priorities helps you know when to say no. One enforcement realised he was lacking out on aspect kinfolk experiences. He made his family circle a precedency by adopting a habit of locution no to hang over and job offers that didn't allow plenty relatives clip. By production it a non-negotiable point, he was able to modify opportunities that conflicted with his goals.

Try turning your decisions inside out. Find out whether you can place no criteria in different life categories, and assess how starting next to no could sort a contrast in your natural life.

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o To which job candidates will you say no?

o To which projects will you say no?

o To which invitations will you say no?

o To which leisure time goings-on will you say no?

o To which intrusions on your clip will you say no?

(c) 2008. Andrea M. Hill

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