The Major News Media lost television journalism a brainstorm behaviour for the restriction of cancer. Why? Is it because this brainwave isn't a remedy but a unanalyzable affordable vitamin pill next to folic sulfurous that can rule out cancers up to 50%? If it were a pharmaceutic that achieved such as confounding results it would be in all the report reports on television and newspapers. Is it because in that is a partisanship against vitamins and organic process which are non-drug treatments or because within is no help for Big Pharma?

The newspaper headline in the New York Times, LA Times, etc and the sound-bite on the CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX eve tidings should have read:

New Major Cancer Protective Treatment - A New Breakthrough 'Drug' That Prevents Cancers in Children -
Unfortunately it didn't. I Googled this be taught from the February 21, 2007, medical piece of writing Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and nada! The stellar information outlets in Canada carried it but not in the Good Ole' USA unless you contain the Redding News.

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"This is all but too uncomplicated an belief for associates to clutch seriously, but they should lift it seriously," aforesaid Dr. Gideon Koren, managing director of the Motherisk system of rules at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Globe and Mail.

Vitamin Prevention Worth A Pound Of Cancer Cure

Of range the genuine defence this 'breakthrough' hearsay wasn't reportable on in the MNM (Major News Media) was because it wasn't a Pharmaceutical (with trunk ad dollars on the formation for MNM) but a plain twopenny-halfpenny once a day multivitamin pill beside folic bitter.

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"Simply taking multivitamins and folic acerbic during maternity can aid a female parent trim down her baby's hazard of embryonic the record rampant early life cancers by nearly 50 per cent, a new scrutiny from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children says." Toronto Star

"The surprising finding that a affordable matter purchased at a chemist's shop can forestall malignant neoplasm as healed as a reach of beginning defects adds weight to the notion that micronutrients have womb-to-tomb upbeat benefits for the embryonic fetus." Globe and Mail.

Unfounded Bias Against Vitamin Supplements

Maybe the MNM didn't select up the fiction because of a bias in opposition vitamins from so-called nutriment experts resembling Rory Collins, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Oxford University who was reportable as proverb. -

"It has been aforementioned that Americans have the richest excrement in the world, because they swallow a lot of big-ticket vitamins and past simply pee them out...There is no cracking trace that any aliment supplements are utile. So if you are going to excess your assets on these on trial vitamins, you may as all right spend in dribs and drabs smaller number fortune on the cheaper ones." As according in the paper - The Independent (London), Feb 9, 2004 by Catherine Nixey.

Or perhaps - the New York Times piece (April 29, 2003) determination that "multivitamins have not been shown to impede any virus and that it is simple to achieve big ample doses of unmistaken vitamins and minerals to in reality upsurge the jeopardy of disease"

For if physicians and the info media can't be trusty to get even the key checkable facts fitting active vitamins, why should any of their opinions be taken seriously? A casual fix your eyes on at the proven learned profession piece of writing reveals the reproduction info from these two sources.

Medicine Acknowledges Vitamin Supplements- the 'Checkable Facts'

The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2002 turned its humanities anti-vitamin set of guidelines by acknowledging that "it appears responsible for all adults to proceeds nourishment supplements"

In 1998 an Editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine was titled: "Eat Right and Take a Multivitamin."

Harvard Public Health - "Today, though, there's righteous attestation that winning a every day multivitamin pill makes awareness for furthermost adults...(and) may rule out suspicion disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and another confirmed diseases."

A Summary of a few of the Positive Vitamin Studies

The Nurses' Health Study of complete 87,000 women showed that the - "Long-term use of multivitamins may well trim back hazard for large intestine metastatic tumor." Annals of Internal Medicine 1998.

A 19,000 patient enquiry found Vitamin C down the "mortality (death-rate) from all-causes..." Lancet (2001)

A pooling of the aggregation from individual studies "concluded...that 1,000 IU of unwritten nutrition D per day is related to beside a 50% diminution in large intestine malignant tumor occurrence." Recent Results in Cancer Research (2007)

If one was to read these studies one would think that supplements have a office to dance in interference of illness. Of flight path if one was to take no notice of these studies and or manifestation for antagonistic inappropriately finished studies one could mayhap live entertainment glum results by selective research to scaremonger, which is a widespread tactic of Big Pharma, MNM and the Medical Establishment.

Vitamins Cost Savings to the System

Taking a vitamin pill for at least possible 11 old age would prevention the set-up $58.1 billion as reportable by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) State-of-the-Science Conference on Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements and Chronic Disease Prevention. May 15-17, 2006

So there's the crux of the matter, fund of millions of dollars to the grouping which would as a rule be joint by the Medical Establishment, Big Pharma and the Major News Media. With a tie up to 50% curb for few cancers, an inexpensive vitamin pill doesn't have adequate profit to go about. Now you know why the 'Sounds of Silence Were Deafening for the Cancer Cure.'

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